Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge - the key to a solution.

 Knowledge is power. Sharing knowledge is even more powerful. This comprehensive principle gave birth to the international CAA Association. An initiative by doctors and scientists, who look into each and every aspect of the debilitating disease CAA. Knowledge is the main pillar of the Association. Therefore all members of the Association are renowned and respected scientists and doctors.

 By sharing knowledge these members create a strong brain pool. This brain pool can accelerate the research on CAA so that new insights will pave the way to solutions much faster than anyone could do individually. Sharing knowledge – the key in our approach to finding a solution to this horrible disease called CAA.     

Thinking big – a worldwide network

 One of the goals of the CAA Association is the optimization of communication between all the doctors and scientists who are specialised in the field of CAA. Supporting and enhancing the possibilities of a worldwide network is the core idea of the Association. History tells us that together we stand strong.

 The CAA Association strongly believes in this principle and strongly believes that efficiently working together will bring a successful treatment to CAA one step closer.  


Congresses have proven themselves in the past to be a good platform for sharing knowledge.

Hence the CAA Foundation organizes a congress every two years. As a worldwide initiative the location of the congress changes each time. The 2012 edition took place in Leiden, the Netherlands. The next edition will be from 18 to 20 September 2014 and will take place in London, England.

 Current developments

 The stream of sharing knowledge amongst the members of the Association happens via an intranet portal. Information that concerns patients but could as well be interesting to the public can be found on our website. Naturally the website is kept up to date at all times, current developments will be displayed as soon as possible.